All of us, experts, researchers, forensic specialists, lab technicians, reside in different countries and cities from Mexico, to New York, to London.

- 1 you send photos of the front, back, signature and close ups of details
- 2 you send the dimensions
- 3 you send all the information you already have, history, origin, previous owners, copies of documents.
- 4 we give you a quote
- 5 you pay
- 6 we perform all the authentication work
- 7 we deliver the authentication report and if confirmed authentic also the certificate of authenticity.

Usually after the research part has been completed. If you prefer to do it at the beginning we are happy to do so.

Kahlo paintings are extremely valuable. For this reason it is safer for liability and insurance reasons that the painting remains with you.

We examine the painting from:
- High resolution photos
- Live video feed like a Zoom meeting
- At any art storage facility anywhere in the world
- In person at your residence, your office, your bank, your hotel if you are traveling, anywhere in the world

We perform all the tests that an authentication requires including materials analyses, dating, special photography, forensic studies. The tests that might be needed vary from case to case.
From a few weeks for simple case to several months for complicated ones.
We don’t charge to issue a COA. If the artwork is authentic we automatically issue the COA.
No fees at all for many questions we answer, advice we give, estimates of value and for select organizations and projects we care about. Beyond that, fees start at $300 for basic services.
No. This would be a conflict of interest. We would have a financial reason to reach a particular conclusion. We can’t do that.
No, because it would also be a conflict of interest. We would also have a financial reason to reach a particular conclusion.
They do, because our authentication work is extremely detailed. We research deeply, thoroughly. We cover all angles. We check all possibilities. We don’t leave anything to chance or hope. Our reports are fully referenced. Authenticity is based on verifiable facts. For these reason our authentications can be checked, can be verified, can be scrutinized. This is why our authentications are accepted by everyone, from auctioneers, to insurance companies, to financial lenders.
We protect the privacy of all our clients. This includes not only individuals who are famous and well known public figures, but also art galleries, auctioneers, museums, law enforcement, law firms, insurance companies, banks and other lenders. We don’t publish who they are, the work we did for them, or the results.